Product Specifications

PARV® Low OD Poly winding Wires

PARV® Low OD Poly winding Wires made of EC Grade (best quality) copper for better conductivity, drawn & annealed to stringent specifications. They are then Triple Insulated with a very superior grade of Polyester film & Biaxially oriented polypropylene film.

PARV® copper/aluminum S.E. winding wires made of EC Grade (best quality) copper/aluminum for better conductivity, drawn, annealed and enamelled to stringent specifications.

Products for Varnishes

We offer the following products to our clients:-

• Impregnating resins
• Impregnating Varnishes
• Finishing Varnishes
• Potting compounds
• Encapsulating resins

These products are widely used for different products like electric motors, transformers, generators, capacitors, electronic modules etc and is also used for many household applications.

Fiber Glass Sleevings

We are offering different fiber glass sleevings that ranges from 0.5mm to 50 mm. These sleevings are widely used in Aircraft's, heavy duty works, induction motors, ships and many more. It is also used for many household applications. These sleevings are manufactured as per international standards.

Cotton Tapes

Our wide range of cotton tapes are known for their elegance and comfort. These tapes are available in multiple patterns, weaves, dimensions, and finishes etc. It is widely used in several industries for different applications.

Polyester/BOPP Films

Polyester Film is known for its dimensional stability and heat resistant qualities. Our wide gamut of Polyester Film is available in varied thicknesses from 12 micron to 300 micron. Polyester Film is well known for its electrical insulation property. We offer Polyester/BOPP Film at the most competitive prices to our clients.

We deal in all types of electrical grade, tape grade films and film used in manufacturing of poly winding wires.

  • Good workability
  • Heat resistant
  • Reliability
  • Long lasting
  • Available in various dimensions

Fibre Glass Tapes

Fiberglass Tape is made of non-alkali glass fiber yarns. Fiberglass Tape is available in various sizes, colors and lengths to cater the varied needs of the clients. We manufacture well-knitted Fiberglass Tapes that can endure high amount of temperature.

Types of Fiberglass Tapes:-

• Varnished fiberglass tapes
• Unvarnished fiberglass tapes

Salient Features
  • High electrical insulation properties
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Heat resistant
  • Extremely narrow width processing available (from 1mm in width)
  • Available in different sizes colors etc

Special types of winding wires and insulating materials can be made available as per customer requirements.

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